Brand Discovery Workbook (ebook)

Brand Discovery Workbook (ebook)


With over 20 pages of meaningful questions and prompts to uncover your why/what/who, this ebook guides you through the steps to create the foundation of a purposeful brand. Figure out how to position your business more clearly and design a brand experience that consistently engages and converts your ideal customers into loyal fans and paying customers.

Key take aways:

  • The ‘why’ driving your business (and how to use it to drive better branding).

  • How to give your brand substance by honing in on your brand values.

  • How to curate brand values that inform meaningful business decisions.

  • Your unique point of difference and what makes your business irresistible.

  • The key to understanding your target audience so you can create meaningful offerings, communications and designs that connect with them.

  • How to shape a distinct and memorable personality and voice for your business so you stand out from the crowd.

  • … and more.

No more wondering why your visual brand doesn’t feel quite right (and not being to able figure out why). No more stressing over why your business isn’t attracting your dream customers (and not knowing what to do to fix it.) No more worrying about getting your business seen and heard (but unsure of what exactly makes for a business that people see and adore) — just simple brand clarity at your fingertips.

The Brand Discovery Workbook is perfect for:

  • Start-ups figuring out their brand for the first time

  • DIY’ers wanting to build a purposeful brand foundation

  • Business owners ready to elevate their branding game and support their success with some strong brand foundations