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Brand Design

Take yourself out of the day-to-day running of your business and reconnect with your mission. Your branding project encompasses far more than how you want your logo to look and feel. (Don’t worry, we go through the fun of moodboarding, but we also get serious about how you want to project yourself and why that is important.)

Many creative entrepreneurs pressure themselves to create their own branding. I have developed my process to give you the time, space and depth necessary to build a considered brand that you are confident to take ownership of.

Visual identity and logo design, brand refresh, stationery, packaging, signage, advertising materials


Digital design

Shape your virtual reality. Create a uniform digital presence that aligns with your visual identity. A large part of my process is selecting typefaces with an emotional essence that connects with your personality. With custom Squarespace website design, you get a website that is easy to use and not limited to the restricted typefaces and style of a template.

Keep the digital experience consistently exciting with branded email, social media and downloadables.

Customised Squarespace websites, downloadables such as ebooks and worksheets, email and social media templates

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Editorial and print design

Print is the tactile dimension that makes a brand experience truly special. Whether you are self-publishing or need collateral that will be kept, I design print materials with respect for your story. From menus and catalogues, to cookbooks, reports and service guides, your project can be designed in print with a supplementary digital format.

The project is defined by your objective and takes on new life as we pour over my extensive collection of magazines, flyers and books gathered from all over the world.

Lookbooks, portfolios, programs, magazines, books, reports, specialty print, branded collateral


Brand Discovery Journal

This free ebook guides you through the first steps of creating a purposeful brand


Defining the foundations of your brand can be daunting, and it is tempting to just jump straight into drawing a logo. But to set yourself apart from the crowd you need to be clear on why you do what you do, and who you do it for. 

Understanding who you are and who you want to reach is vital to creating a successful brand. Whether you are just starting out or want to elevate your existing brand — this journal gives you valuable queues and inspirations to uncover the driving ideas and values behind your brand.

The Brand Discovery Journal is perfect for

  • Start-ups figuring out their brand for the first time

  • DIY’ers wanting to build a purposeful brand foundation

  • Business owners ready to elevate their presence

Start mapping out the path towards a distinctive and emotionally compelling brand

Grab your FREE Brand Discovery Journal

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Build a considered brand identity that you are excited to take ownership of.

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Editorial and print

Apply your story to a customised Squarespace website and bespoke online templates.

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Apply your story to a customised Squarespace website and bespoke online templates.

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Hi, I’m Frankie, a German-born graphic designer practising from a sunny studio in Brisbane, Australia. From a young age I loved editorial design, photography and brutalist architecture. When my parents first took me across Europe, I collected theatre tickets, flyers and exhibition catalogues instead of the usual souvenirs.

These early adventures led to me working in luxury international hotels around the globe, and eventually I arrived at graphic design. Today that lifelong obsession with travel, print and texture manifests in my work with design professionals, creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands. I live and breathe branding, print and packaging design.

The work I create is directly informed by my constant quest to learn more about design in all of its forms (you are looking at Beautiful Pages’ number one customer right here). I layer this design vernacular into concepts informed by the story you want to tell, and why that story matters to you and your audience.

To create work like this, I am an intentionally solo practitioner. This allows me to work one-on-one with clients, build genuine relationships and bring as much value as possible to the project. If you want to learn more about the ways we can collaborate, my services page has more details for you.

Let’s create design that will make you proud of what you do.


What is the 'Neubau' about?

The name Studio Neubau reflects my love of grids and editorial design. The studio name and identity is rooted in the memory of my early childhood spent in East Germany living in a Neubaublock, which is an apartment building made from pre-made concrete blocks. This home is responsible for my fascination for all things minimalist, concrete, and black and white! 


What do you want to be known for?

For me, I want to be known as the designer who encouraged every one of my clients to take pride in their ideas. I don’t just design logos and editorial; I shape your project so you become known for the things that are important to you.


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