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Everything you need to know before designing a website (checklist included)

Between the images, design and copy, there is a lot to think about when designing a website. And you want to make sure you get it right, so you end up with a website you absolutely love.

With that in mind, I’ve outlined the key steps involved in creating a website that not only looks great, but is also created to attract the right people to your business. I’ll teach you how to create a website that is true to your brand.

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Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to realise what we really want out of life. That is what happened when Kate Sullivan felt stuck at her 9–5 job yet couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Today, she is a travel advisor curating incredible itineraries that take travellers to places you can’t find in a simple Google search. Kate sat down with me for a frank discussion about how she started and grew her business, how she balances work and travel, and how to plan a memorable holiday.

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