Looking for creative inspiration? Even though design is continually evolving, I always seek to find the balance between contemporary best practice and classic minimalism. That is because I believe all design is storytelling—and stories are not only timeless, but they also require space to be seen, heard and processed by an audience. From publications to brands, these are my favourite projects from this year. I hope they inspire you to tell your story in 2019!

Brand Development

I was beyond excited to work Anthology Travel on their rebrand and new tagline development: The End of Ordinary Travel. 

Anthology Travel curates luxury travel portfolios, and the brand has matured a lot since launching 18 months ago. Founder Kathleen needed to elevate the brand to align it with her refined service offering—and with my background in luxury hotels and our shared love of cats, it's fair to say we are a match made in brand heaven.

Click through the slide show for some more details of the rebrand, and a look at the stylish sub-brand I developed for Kathleen’s new blog, “The Anthology Edit”.


Editorial Design

Historian Dr Luke Keogh has been busy this year, and I was thrilled to work with him on a second editorial project, eloquently titled ‘Listen to the Land’.

This 50-page report focuses on the pastoralists in the UNESCO Willandra Lakes Region from 1981–2003. There is a lot of storytelling at play, so wanted it to feel more like a book than a report.

Inspired by the history of the content, I used a serif font for the body copy paired with a playful sans serif typeface—together the rounded forms of the sans serif offset the discipline of the serif. The clear structure of the layout allows the story of the pastoralists to speak for itself, supported by images in a flexible grid.

The creative freedom I had for the cover artwork, layout, typography and colour palette was so energising, and seeing it printed on lovely 115 gsm Sovereign Offset stock was a wonderful treat to end the year!

Click through the slideshow for some photos of my favourite spreads.


Brand development

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have had a preview of this project already! After many years in practice, gynecologist Hattemer Baufeld-Kim had developed a disconnect between their limited brand presence and incredible in-clinic experience.

Their holistic approach, contemporary rooms and use of state-of-the-art equipment was all a well-kept secret, so I helped them to create a new identity and website that encapsulates their philosophy, personalities and patient experience

The end result is a logo icon that is unique to their practice and avoids the usual cliche elements surrounding female and obstetric health services. The entire process has been both inspiring and empowering!

Click through the slideshow to see more of the … and my favourite moodboard of the year!


Editorial Design

Dr Luke Keogh is an environmental historian and curator who worked with Switzerland-based organisation Eawag to produce Flows of Science—an intimate story of scientists at work.

This 80 page report traces the history of urban water management and how innovative new approaches can be developed. I collaborated with Dr Keogh to bring his research to life in an editorially designed report.

Source separation technology is not always glamorous, but the design reflects the sophistication of this field of research. You can read the full report on Eawag's news site.

Click through the slide show for a closer look at some of the spreads and infographics I created for this report.

PS—Can’t get enough of the gorgeous water colour illustrations? Visit Cass Urquart’s website for more of her beautiful illustration work!


Before you go

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