General Questions

Why is visual branding so expensive?
Your brand design and strategy are the foundation of your business. It’s so important to get this right to ensure that you connect with your customers through a well-designed visual identity that aligns with your brand. It’s an investment in your business that will last and show its worth every time a customer discovers, falls in love with, and interacts with your brand. I am an experienced designer ready to guide you through the design journey — you will find this process totally worthwhile and rewarding.

What I want isn’t included in your price list. Can you still help?
Don’t worry; I love to design lots of different things. If you need a custom quote for a unique project, please email me.

What are your payment terms?
A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required prior to starting your project to secure your spot in my schedule. The remaining balance is due in two installments. The last payment is due before you receive your final artwork files. Payment can be made via EFT or credit card (there’s a 3% fee for this).

Why is the initial deposit non-refundable?
This ensures that you are committed to the project. I book clients in advance to ensure each project gets the time and attention it deserves. I may therefore need to politely decline or postpone projects once you reserved your spot. If you were to cancel your booking, I would be left with an empty spot that could have been given to another project.

Can we talk before I commit?
Of course! If you like the work in my portfolio and are happy with my pricing, I’d love for you to send me an email with some details about your project. I can then set up a time to have a free 15-minute chat. However please only request a call if you are genuinely interested in working together.

 I am so ready! What do I do now?
Here's a virtual shake'n'bake for you! Now send me an email and we can lock in your kick-off branding session and get this show on the road: I will also email you more details on what's up ahead, so you are prepared and ready to go.


About branding & custom graphic design

How long does the design process take?
The duration of each project varies depending on the scope of work. I’ll confirm your deadlines and their feasibility with you before we start. Then I send you a design proposal that outlines your project time line so you know when you can expect to hear from me and when I expect to hear from you.

Why do you need to know so much about me and my business?
Your logo and visual identity are very important because they tell your audience who you are and what to expect from you at a glance. However your visual identity is just the finishing touches that attract your dream client. If your personality (i.e. your brand) isn’t well rounded and established, there’ll be nothing there to keep your audience coming back for more. I want to make sure that you look your best and are always true to yourself so you can make a lasting impression and form long-term relationships with your ideal customers. To do so, we need to dig deep and discover your core brand value.

Why do you create moodboards?
Moodboards are an essential part of my design process. They set a tone and direction for the project and help align the aesthetic, colour palette, and personality of an evolving brand before starting on detailed designs. They are a great way to ensure I am on the same page as you from the very start.

Why do I only get one logo concept?
By the time I am begin work on your logo concept, I know you really well. We will have discussed which styles you like, and more importantly which direction best suits your brand. You have a lot of input into the creative direction, and will sign off on all the brand strategy basics. Rather than spending time on loose concepts, I focus all my skills and energy into ‘the one’. What if you hate it? Trust me, you won’t. Also, we’ll go through up two rounds of refining this concept into your true identity.

No, really, what if I hate it?
If for some reason you just don’t connect with your logo concept, we will retrace our steps to identify where you feel we strayed off the path. I will create one more concept for you for free (if it’s within the pre-approved direction). However, if you have a change of heart and turn your back on the direction we agreed on together, I’ll still create a new design for you, but I’ll have to charge you for the additional time spent developing the new concept.

Do you create content for my website or printed materials, i.e. write copy and style or shoot photos?
No. I am a pro at designing your brand and website with intentional and beautiful visuals. This generally includes using and suggesting supporting textures and images using stock photography which is either free, or which you can purchase a license for.

If you need a wordsmith, I have a number of fabulous copywriters that will be able to fill your site with amazing content. There are also some great photographers and stylists that I work with who'd love to create some stunning imagery for your brand.

Let me know and I can put you in touch with them. We will work together to develop the content strategy and messaging to align with your brand. Please note that this service is not included in my design packages.


About website design

Which platform do you build your websites on?
Squarespace! Curious why? Keep scrolling.

Do your web packages include SEO?
Basic SEO is built into all Squarespace templates and I will use this structure to help set you up. I am not a specialist though. If you need an SEO expert I will be happy to refer you.

okay, so WHY Squarespace? 
Let me count the ways.

User friendly — Squarespace’s beautifully designed templates are designed for DIY editing, meaning that once I hand your site over, you can easily maintain and update your site, portfolio or store yourself. You are not beholden to me, or a developer.

Adaptable — Squarespace is designed for all sizes and types of businesses from independent makers to restaurateurs, bloggers, retailers and even agencies; so you know your site can grow with you and your customers.

Worry-free — It is a very stable, self-contained platform. You won't have to worry about purchasing templates or having any updates, plug-ins, security fixes or breaking your site.

Typography — Squarespace offers a great selection of high-quality free fonts via Typekit and Google Fonts.

Great looking sites that work — Squarespace's stylish templates are not only beautifully designed for a wide range of end uses, they are also built with best UI/UX practices in mind. You have peace of mind that your site will look great and function properly.

Fully responsive — All templates are designed to be fully responsive across any device or screen size, seamlessly applying your template design and automatically resizing your images to a great sharp looking imagery, no matter which device your customers interact with your brand on.

Built-in SEO — All templates have the basic structure for your search engine optimisation strategy built in, along with an automatically generated sitemap. 24/7 online support — Apart from their great online user guides and tutorials Squarespace offers 24/7 support via their customer care team.