Brand Direction.


Think and act like a professional brand, even if you aren’t ready for the brand design stage.

What is a brand and how do I create one? This is the number one question I am asked by clients—even those who have been in business for a while. And I get it, because there is so much to think about: logos, social media, your website … so if you’re feeling lost in the wilderness of turning your business into a brand, you’re not the only one.

That’s why I created this consultation package—to give you professional advice together with a custom creative strategy that is ready to implement.

This package is designed to:

  • Teach you what a brand is and why it is important

  • Define your purpose, values and brand persona

  • Identify how to connect with your ideal customers

  • Develop a visual style you can apply to your social media, website and collateral

With these insights, making everyday decisions becomes so much easier and you stop second-guessing every little thing. So even if you aren’t ready to have a logo designed, or you have one and things just don’t feel right, I will work with you to overcome your challenges, create fresh ideas and empower you on how to build a brand strategically.


“It’s hard to overstate Frankie’s role in building my brand. Her brand design approach, building the brand from the inside out, helped me to focus and commit to what I wanted my brand to reflect. She’s equal parts motivator, business coach, super professional and organised; and I look forward to working with her in the future.” 

Julie V, working on launching a new product to market


Who is this for?

Whether you are just starting out or need a strategic pick-me-up to keep you on track, the Brand Direction Package is for anyone who feels as though they need professional advice on their brand.


This package is for you if:

  • You are launching a business and have no idea where to start with your branding

  • You have been in business for a while and are considering a brand refresh, but aren’t sure if you need to invest in one

  • You are happy with your brand, but want fresh creative direction to support it

  • You waste too much time trying to get your socials and brand visuals right

  • You don’t yet have the money to invest in branding, but you want to start building your business

  • You would prefer to spend your money on brand education targeted at your business, instead of a generic online course

  • You have read all the ebooks on branding, and still feel like you don’t know where to go next

This is an investment in your branding knowledge as well as an investment in your business. You will walk away with confidence and professional creative direction at a fraction of the cost of a complete branding project. 


What’s included?

I get you really involved in the process so you develop a deep understanding of how to bring your brand to life and feel truly connected with your purpose.


This package includes:

  • A 25-page Brand Workbook (this will become your brand bible)

  • A 90-minute strategy and mentoring session with me

  • A summary to use as the basis of your visual design strategy

Each time you need to make a brand or design decisions, you can refer to your summary for creative direction.

It includes:

  • A summary of your core offering and your brand purpose

  • An overview of your brand’s core values

  • A brand motive visual guide that contextualises your brand

  • A brand persona visual guide that outlines the core visual cues of your brand

  • A visual guide that outlines the look and feel of your brand (this one is really handy for social media)

If you are ready to connect the dots between your purpose, your customers and how everything should look, this is your chance to access creative direction at a fraction of the cost of a complete branding project.


“I decided to commit the time to going through the Brand Workbook and I am glad that I did. I had been in business for 12 months, and I had thought about what I would want to achieve from my business, but I was so busy with the work. This brought me back to what I wanted to achieve and who I wanted to attract, and it helped to focus my decision-making. Frankie is so enthusiastic and that spurred me on!”

Carmen Saide, Carmen+Co


How it works …

  1. Book your spot using the link below.

  2. I will send you a workbook to complete. As you progress through the exercises in the workbook, you will start to understand branding from the perspective of your business.

  3. We confirm a time for your strategy session. You must complete your workbook prior to this so I can prepare.

  4. Before our meeting, I send your creative direction strategy with a summary of your brand foundations and visual moodboards.

  5. You have a chance to ask any questions about how to implement the creative direction.

This process is one I have refined over the course of running Studio Neubau, and it is one I am really proud to share with you. I think of myself as practical creative, and that is why this mentoring package teaches you about branding while also giving you a chance to work through your biggest concerns.

All of this takes just a few hours of your time. By undertaking this process, you will stop stressing about your brand and gain a professional approach, even if you are still in DIY mode.

Price: $675 (including GST)

The magic of brand clarity is just a click away. I only make two of these packages available per month and I can’t wait to learn about you and your business!

BONUS → If you decide to work with me on designing your brand within the next three months, you will receive a 15% discount on your chosen design package. Keen to work some magic? Book in now by clicking the button below!


Ready to go?

The magic of brand clarity is just a click away.