Everything is design. Everything!

— Paul Rand

Image credit Cathy Schusler


Designer. Paper geek. Somewhat obsessed with concrete. 

I'm Frankie, the brains and heart of Studio Neubau. I’m a German-born graphic designer that has made her home in Brisbane, Australia. 

To tell you the story of how I got here, it all comes back to the word ‘love’.

From a young age I’ve had a love affair with editorial design and photography. When my parents first took me on adventures across Europe, I collected theatre tickets, flyers, exhibition catalogues and snippets of print design. Later, as a teenager I’d collect magazines and books instead of the usual souvenirs — always leaving space in my bag for new treasures to come home with me ...

Today, I live and breathe branding, editorial, packaging design and photography. I can usually be found gushing over layouts, paper stock and print finishes in my ongoing hunt for new publications. 

And while it might not be true that I turned to graphic design purely to justify my penchant for wearing black, I really am obsessed with paper and concrete.

If you like my style and are curious about how we could collaborate, let me guide you over to my services page.

Things I’m great at:

Losing myself in typefaces.
Singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Karaoke … my audience may disagree (>0<).
Having conversations using only gifs.

Things I’m terrible at:

Finding my house keys when I’m running late.
Cooking without transforming the kitchen into a post-apocalyptic movie set.
Saying ‘no’ to luxury paper goods.

What is the 'Neubau' about?

I am glad you asked. Studio Neubau reflects my love of grids and editorial design. The studio name and identity is rooted in the memory of my early childhood spent in East Germany living in a ‘Neubaublock’, which were apartment buildings built from pre-made concrete blocks. Maybe it’s those formative years spent living in a concrete block that are responsible for my love of all things black and white!


Curious for more?

My Information Kit is your roadmap to understanding what I do, how I do it, what it costs and how we can collaborate. Prefer to chat? Book in for a free 15-minute consultation and we can go from there.



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