Hi, I’m Frankie, a German-born graphic designer practising from a sunny studio in Brisbane, Australia. From a young age I loved editorial design, photography and brutalist architecture. When my parents first took me across Europe, I collected theatre tickets, flyers and exhibition catalogues instead of the usual souvenirs.

Thank you to  Cathy Schusler  for capturing me perfectly in this image!

Thank you to Cathy Schusler for capturing me perfectly in this image!

These early adventures led to me working in luxury international hotels around the globe, and eventually I arrived at graphic design. Today that lifelong obsession with travel, print and texture manifests in my work with design professionals, creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle brands. I live and breathe branding, print and packaging design.

The work I create is directly informed by my constant quest to learn more about design in all of its forms (you are looking at Beautiful Pages’ number one customer right here). I layer this design vernacular into concepts informed by the story you want to tell, and why that story matters to you and your audience.

To create work like this, I am an intentionally solo practitioner. This allows me to work one-on-one with clients, build genuine relationships and bring as much value as possible to the project. If you want to learn more about the ways we can collaborate, my services page has more details for you.

Let’s create design that will make you proud of what you do.