Take the plunge

and (Re)discover your brand 


Are you launching a business but unsure about how to brand yourself?

Did you rush your branding at the start, and now need to 'fix' your brand?

 Have you outgrown your original brand and need to elevate your presence?


Figuring out your brand foundations is such an essential task, yet many business owners skip this part.

I get it. I really do. Soul-searching isn’t exactly what you feel like when you can’t wait to share your idea with the world, or start selling your goods. 

But here’s the thing … if you don’t know why you do what you do and who you do it for, how can you share your story and form meaningful connections with your audience?

Take a step back and figure out what you and your brand are about.  After all, only if you know your brand's true values and purpose can you create a distinctive and emotionally compelling visual identity.

This ebook guides you through the first basic steps of creating a purposeful brand. With over 15 pages filled with meaningful questions and prompts to figure out your why/what/who, I will help you figure out how to position your business more clearly and lay the foundations for a  brand experience that consistently engages, and converts your ideal customers into loyal fans and paying customers.

Start mapping out the path towards a distinctive and emotionally compelling brand. 


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